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Review Of WP Content Ranker – Page 1 Content Creation Plugin (Drag & Drop Easy)

Review Of WP Content Ranker

Uncover the Secrets to Page 1 of Google For… ANY Keyword in ANY Niche

Review Of WP Content Ranker - Page 1 Content Creation Plugin (Drag & Drop Easy)

WP Content Ranker Analyses sites that RANK in Google. It reveals why each site RANKS well, how they Optimize to RANK and what you will need to secure a Page 1 Ranking.

The Content Refreshing Logic helps you RANK for more Keywords, Get Indexed for more Terms & Increase Targeted Traffic.



The Social Syndication Features help you Increase Social Signals, Leverage Authority and Boost Social Awareness.

The Content Generation Features let you Create Optimized Content, “Drag & Drop” Easy Without Writing a Single Line of Text.

WP Content Ranker is the Perfect Companion for ANY WordPress site that actually helps you RANK.

WP Content Ranker Is Perfect For:

  • Dissect Google’s Top 10 RESULTS – Become the Competition to Beat
  • Analyze YOUR Competitors – Know Why they Rank & Get Data to Rank Higher
  • Build Page 1 Ready Optimized Content – Drag & Drop Easy
  • Scan & Revive Old posts – using Content that makes Google Fall in Love
  • Get Social Signals & Links – Syndicate content, build authority and Rank Even Higher


Review Of WP Content Ranker

WP Content Ranker is a WordPress Plugin that you can install on any self hosted WordPress blog. The plugin is designed to help you create content, find keywords to target and also to increase traffic to your posts. When installed the plugin creates a menu in the top right hand corner of the WordPress editor.

You will see 4 main sections to the plugin. Analyze, Spin, Syndicate and settings. I’m going to show you the main features of this plugin and how it is supposed to help you get better rankings. I’ll then tell you what I think about the plugin and I’ll give you my overall opinion.


WP Content Ranker allows you to take just about any content from other websites. The plugin allows you to drag an drop both text and images onto your own posts. The idea is that you will take the best bits from the top ten websites ranking for your chosen keywords and then make a new article from the bits that you choose. But as many of you will already know, duplicate content is something that Google does not like at all. So is it really a good idea to be stealing other peoples content?


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Review Of WP Content Ranker

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