Profit Jackpot Review

Profit Jackpot Review

Profit Jackpot ReviewIntroducing Profit Jackpot review the latest product by the well known Internet/Affiliate Marketers Anik Singal and Jimmy Kim.These guys have developed a system that will setup money making sites for you on autopilot. If you are tried of the one click to millions of dollars lies, I have great news for you. Now, these sites will not make you a Millionaire in 30 days. So if you are looking for some get rich quick system, this is not for you.

However, If you ever wanted to setup an online business and have it all work on complete autopilot, this is the system for you.


Checkout this video of Anik setting up 10 sites using Profit Jackpot in 10 minutes


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Profit Jackpot Review

What I like about Profit Jackpot is that you are not going to work yourself to a standstill. There is no maintenance work because everything is pretty much on auto pilot. The system will do most of the work for you, like you have seen in the video were Anik Singal have shown you how he made 10 sites in a few minutes.


As you seen in the video, the system will setup sites for you which have content, comments, Clickbank products, and Google Adsense. This is truly a business in a box plan.


You don’t have to worry about knowing website design, search engine optimization techniques, how to get traffic, and how to properly setup a site to make money online. It is all done for you with Profit Jackpot.


This is an ideal system for anyone that wants to make money online, but was not sure how to go about setting up sites to make money.


Profit Jackpot Review


Profit Jackpot is made for both PC and Mac computers. This is a huge benefit already because most of the marketing software developed is made exclusively for pc.


Once you install the software, you start it up and you get started right away. What the software does is create a monetized website off information you provide it. Don’t worry; you do not have to write any content. Profit Jackpot takes care of all the content. All you do is tell it what topic you would like your website to be on, then it gives you a set of keywords to pick from or you can type in your own.


Then Profit Jackpot searches the internet for relevant content such as articles, videos, images, etc. it takes the information it found, presents it to you to review and you decide what content you want to post on your site.


After you select your content, the system will allow you the opportunity to make the content unique to your particular site. This is great because you won’t get penalize by the search engines for having duplicate content on your site.


Once you have selected your content and you are satisfied with everything, Profit Jackpot will create your sites. This is an amazing way to setup a website and all the hard work is done for you. You can’t ask for anything easier than this.


Here are some of the software plugins you get with Profit Jackpot:

Article Jackpot – This plugin automatically posts articles to your wordpress blogs based on a schedule you input into the system. What it means is that you can program the plugin to post articles at any interval whatever you feel comfortable with. How this plugin works is that you would first input your keywords so that you get only articles relating to your niche. This helps your blog to be fully SEO optimized so that you can rank well and get tons of traffic. It allows you to place negative keywords. That is, if you don’t want any articles on a certain keyword the plugin will automatically filters them out.

Spin Jackpot – The spin jackpot plugin as the name suggest, basically spins the articles before they get posted and published. This is to ensure maximum SEO effect so that your websites can rank well in the search engines. This plugin will prevent you from having duplicate content on your website so you have no duplicate content penalty to worry about if that’s of a concern. The drawback to this is at times you might not a grammatical sentence.  This probably won’t affect your site at all if your make a sticky first post on the home page.

Video Jackpot The video jackpot plug in is very similar to the article jackpot the plug. What it does is to automatically post videos to your blog based on the keyword setting and category selection you make. So for example, let’s say you website was about “profit jackpot review” for our sake, and you wanted the plug in to post related videos in your posts. All you have to do is to enter the keyword ‘profit jackpot review’ into the keyword field and then choose a related category. The plug-in will then grab related videos from YouTube and post them on any schedule that you select. You can also put negative key words so that you will not get unwanted videos.

What Else Comes With Profit Jackpot?

All of the above are plugins except Niche Jackpot which is an optimized wordpress theme that is tested to increase sales and revenue. Aside from that above, you will be getting two sets of videos. The first set is a series of videos showing you how to install profit jackpot and how to configure your wordpress site. The next set of videos is an affiliate training course that is complimentary of Profit Jackpot and it will show you from start to finish how to set up your very own online business, which business model to follow and how to maximize sales and profits.


So Should You Invest In Profit Jackpot?


Like I mention earlier, all of your sites will consist of Clickbank products, Adsense, other affiliate programs and/or you can even add your own products like CPA offers to make even more money from your sites.

If your sites make at least $25.00 a day and I am sure you will make more, but let’s just say you made $25.00 a day.

1 websites at $25 per day = $25 x 30 = $750 a Month per Website!


So if you have 10 of these websites that’s $7500 per month on auto-pilot. That is easy money folks.


Are you starting to see the potential here?


Can you imagine what you can do with an extra $7500 or more a month?


Look at all the bills you can pay off with this kind of money coming in each month.

Don’t pass up this great money making opportunity, click on the banner below to visit Profit Jackpot and download your copy before they are all gone.


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Profit Jackpot Review